Commercial Cleaning Services

DCC offers the best, more legendary cleaning services to surrounding business in Maryland. We serve over 40 accounts in the area with exceptional cleaning services. We serve businesses such as gyms, dance studios, pet salons, bars, breweries, restaurants, bakeries, dental offices, warehouses, daycares, and much more! We offer specialized cleaning plans for each company based on your needs and what your business requires! Explore what DCC can do for you. Inquire today for a consultation!
DCC staff cleaning office building

Office Buildings & Multi‑Tenant Buildings

Have you considered the significance that a clean and sanitized environment can do for your workplace based in Baltimore, Maryland? When working in a messy, dirty, and unorganized office can pose major distractions for clients and employees alike. With DCC services in your office building, you can experience professional disinfection, specialized floor cleaning, and other in-depth services that follow the strict regulations of OSHA. DCC is confident that with our services, your workplace will be a more enjoyable environment for employees where they can be more efficient and successful.

DCC services multiple office buildings in the area. For these projects, we provide different services based on the needs of our employers. Within your businesses, we service offices, breakrooms, lobbies, restrooms, conference rooms, and everything in between. Our priority is attention to detail in your establishment without disturbing your work place as well as keeping the building secure. We disinfect all those tough-to-clean, hard-to-reach surfaces with a hospital-grade disinfectant that is safe to use in your building and for the environment. Our customizable services are flexible and unique to both you and your establishment’s needs.

Our professional cleaning team relies on being professional and provide your business with legendary services that go above and beyond. We apply specific cleaning systems in your establishment to ensure cleanliness and to meet your needs and wants for your office building. We have pride in our services that adapt to what your establishment’s needs depending on the plan we create together with establishment owners.

Your office environment is a valued place of hard-working people and where business is conducted daily. Consider creating an even more positive environment where your employees can attend work in a cleaner and more tidy work space. DCC is prepared to work with you to come up with the best cleaning operation for your facility to create that better environment where your employees look forward to coming into work where they feel comfortable and more confident in their work

Restaurant seating area that needs cleaning

Bakeries, Restaurants, Bars & Breweries

When servicing your bakery, restaurant, bar, or brewery, here at DCC, we know that the need for a high quality, thorough, and expert clean is essential to your establishment. A clean and orderly environment will entice clients and make for a more profitable venture when customers are excited to enter and enjoy the atmosphere created in your establishment. With more clients entering your establishment, the more effective and successful your business will be.

With a clean and sanitized workspace, your employees will have an organized space that they look forward to working in. Keeping your establishment cleaned and sanitized improves your employee morale and turnover that will allow for employees to feel comfortable, productive, and more welcoming to customers. These clean spaces ensure the efficiency of your employees, the absence of harmful bacteria, and a space where you are guaranteed to get those perfect scores from health inspectors. When your business is in tip-top shape, customers will notice the effort made and will be more likely come back. Picture what a clean and sanitized eating establishment can do for your business, profits, and the enjoyment of customers and employees alike.

Within your bakeries, restaurant, bars, and breweries, DCC offers legendary services to fit your specific needs that you find important to your business. These services can include daily, weekly, and monthly commercial cleaning services that provide kitchen cleaning including walls, ceilings, floors, table tops, chairs, and equipment. We offer carpet cleaning, dusting, window cleaning, restroom and breakroom cleaning as well as supply management, tile and floor cleaning services, and disinfection cleaning in addition to preventative and emergency cleans. Within these spaces, DCC has customizable plans to fit the establishment and the specifics of the cleaning needs required. We use different cleaning processes and methods to ensure the best clean for your business.

Dog getting bathed at a pet salon

Pet Salons

When you think about your business, you are working with not only other employees but with pets and their family. Pets are a significant part of a family and the service you provide to them will set the standard of your work and business. Providing a clean and orderly environment ensures that your clients will be comfortable with your business handling their pet and doing what you do best. Providing this clean space will also be a healthier and more conducive environment for clients, pets, employees, and others who enter your establishment.

You want to provide a work space for employees where they are comfortable and can do their job in a place they enjoy. By having a clean, organized, and sanitized area for employees to work in, they will be more comfortable and more efficient, allowing your business to generate more profits and an envious reputation. The cleanliness of your establishment is at utmost importance for the health of your staff and clients, especially pets that are older or have certain conditions. It is imperative to have this organized environment so that clients will walk into your establishment and know that their pet will be taken care of.

DCC provides legendary cleaning services that best fit your needs. With an account as specialized as your pet salon, DCC is prepared to clean your workspaces using specialized techniques and systems that are both environmentally and pet friendly. We clean floors, walls, equipment, offer dusting, window cleaning, disinfecting, vacuuming, and so much more to create a comfortably clean and enjoyable space to work and service your clients. With this specialized work place, your needs will be special to the line of work you conduct within your establishment so, DCC is more than willing to work with you to come up with the best plan for you and your business.

Empty building under construction

Post Construction & Final Construction Cleaning

DCC is experienced in providing post-construction or final construction cleaning services to your construction sites. We offer a wide range of plan, methods, and strategies to offer you the best service to fit your needs. We understand that construction can be a strenuous and sometimes messy job. Here at DCC, we have worked with many construction companies with their post-construction cleaning needs.

With post-construction cleans, we understand that dust and dander can be a significant challenge when opening the business. DCC will provide legendary services to your job site to ensure that the business is in tip-top shape and ready for opening day. We have a precise attention to detail where we ensure we get into hard-to-reach places including inside and outside cabinets, ceilings, baseboards, and so much more. In facilities such as those that are final-construction buildings, DCC creates a clean and spotless environment that is prepared for any new and awesome business to enter. We understand that every facility is different and can provide unique services to aide in the cleanliness and efficiency of the businesses placed in the building we will service for you. Imagine what the difference it could make to provide a clean slate for the new businesses your construction jobs will attract when businesses see the difference of what a clean workplace can do for their own businesses and endeavors.

DCC staff cleaning warehouse

Warehouses & Industrial

For business operating out of warehouses or industrial sites, DCC services, cleans, and disinfects your building to build a more conducive workspace. DCC can service your buildings by providing legendary cleaning services that will better your workspace for clients and employees alike. Few spaces endure the kinds of cleaning challenges found in manufacturing facilities and industrial workplaces. When working in these environments, industrial-grade cleaning is imperative to keeping both your workers safe and your workplace productive.

DCC can provide a clean workspace for your employees so they can get their jobs done and have pride in their work place.

DCC staff cleaning office conference room

Day Porter Services

The day-to-day of a business is just as important as the end of the work day. During the day, your employees are busy with their tasks and your clients are eagerly awaiting their meetings and the abundance of business they can conduct in your building. Day Porter services offer your business with a peace of mind that your facility is being taken care of so you and your employees can focus on their own daily jobs. A day porter will conduct daily services to your facility such as trash, restocking materials, cleaning up debris or messes that can occur during the day like spills, and so much more. DCC can provide your company with multiple or one day porter to ensure that your facility remains impressive in addition to the nightly cleaning and sanitizing that will occur before the next new work day. Additional janitorial support will allow your business to remain operational throughout the day in a clean environment.

Daily janitorial services ensure that someone is on site in case of a janitorial need or service that can be carried out right there and then. Without these services, sometimes businesses must wait until their nightly clean. This can mean messes go without being cleaned up, materials remain unstocked, and patrons and employees alike might form negative opinions about the workplace.

However, with day porters, you have the cleaning service right there and then when you need it the most. Imagine the difference that a day porter can make in your facility and what DCC can do for you. DCC is prepared to meet your needs as well as the unique needs of your facility. DCC is flexible with our different services, plans, methods, and strategies that will leave you with a legendary clean and a comparable reputation that employees and clients will be sure to talk about!

DCC staff cleaning retail seating area


In the retail business, you want to make sure your establishment is spotless. Your clients will appreciate the clean floors, spotless windows, and the fresh smell that wafts through your business as they walk around and buy merchandise. They want to feel like they are important in your business and, so should your building. Your building is the foundation of your business. Keeping it clean and organized will allow for more foot traffic through your store and bring in more customers to come in and purchase something new and exciting.

When customers think about your business, you want them to think about all the ways you are set apart from other retailers or competitors. One of those ways can be the cleanliness of your establishment where clients feel comfortable and even excited to frequent your store. Profits and the success of your business will rise when you consider the environment you place your merchandise in as well as the atmosphere that you create for those who enter your doors. Clients are not the only ones in your building. Creating the right atmosphere for your employees is just as important. You want your employees to come into work every day and enjoy doing their job. A clean workspace can significantly increase morale and allows your employees to feel a sense of pride in where they work.

Think about what a clean and organized space can do for your business. DCC has a wide variety of plans to suit your business’s needs and is prepared to accommodate our services to what you want to achieve the best success that you can. We efficiently and effectively clean, sanitize, and create an organized environment that will benefit your business, merchandise, employees, and your clients. We use a variety of techniques and strategies to create the most legendary clean you will experience.

Outdoor view of condominium complex

Condominium Complexes

Home is the best place to be. Whether your tenants come home from their daily activities or spend most of their time at home, they expect to be in environment where they feel safe, comfortable, and most importantly, clean. Here at DCC, we are experienced in servicing residential accounts where we do our absolute best to create a space where homeowners or renters enjoy coming back to after a long day.

Consider what a cleaning company with legendary service can do for your homes and buildings. Imagine the difference a clean space can make whether that be outside the unit, inside the unit, in the hallways, and wherever else your tenant will journey. DCC provides customizable plans to suit your needs using a large range of products, plans, strategies, and techniques to service your building. We are flexible to your needs and to the unique needs that your building may request. In building with multiple tenants, it can be challenging to meet the needs of every tenant. Allow DCC to help you provide a more cohesive community where everyone feels welcome, comfortable, and enjoys living in.

If your company and building are clean and sanitized, the environment will be more positive, drawing in more tenants and interest in your building while creating an amazing reputation. Home is the best place to be, provide residential spaces that bring in more customers as well as providing them with a legendary move out clean when life brings them on another journey. DCC provides multiple services to condominium complexes where we can do move in cleans, move out cleans, daily, weekly, and monthly cleans, as well as extra services upon request. Imagine what a legendary cleaning service DCC can provide you and how we can meet your needs through collaboration and flexibility for your company.

Movie theater seating

Movie Theaters

With your unique business, you need a unique plan to fit your cleaning needs. In movie theaters, patrons come to enjoy the theater and arts in a comfortable and clean space where they can enjoy their time whether they are with friends, family, or simply enjoying a movie or an event alone. The cinema is for everyone and so should your establishment. The environment you keep up creates the atmosphere of your business. You want to create a fun and enjoyable experience for patrons so they return and enjoy coming back.

Imagine what a difference a great clean can do for your business. With DCC, you can accomplish that. DCC has a wide variety of flexible plans to fit your needs. We are prepared to accommodate our plans and services to the wants and needs of your business to create that wonderful and alluring environment and atmosphere for all who enter your building. The movies are for enjoyment and so should be your building. When patrons walk through your doors, they expect that well-know and loved smell of popcorn drifting through the air with the sound of excited individuals, ready to watch the latest art that came to the big screen. Patrons want to sit down in your theater and forget about the outside world, diving into a great movie that will excite them, make them jump, or cry happy tears.

Provide your clients a comfortable and clean place to do so by using DCC to clean, sanitize, and service your building to create those moments for clients and employees like who will look forward to coming to work and be the best they can be. When you provide a clean environment for your employees, morale with rise exponentially and they will be more efficient doing what they do best.

Church pews and altar

Churches, Religious Places & Places of Worship

Within your place of worship, you want to create a sense of community, friendship, and spread kindness. To accomplish that, a clean and sanitized environment would be where to begin. When you welcome others into your place of worship, you want them to feel comfortable and allow them to focus on what’s important. If your building is unkempt, patrons will feel less intrigued to come by because they will be focused on the cleanliness of the floors or if they can see through the windows. To create a community, sometimes a place is needed where you can gather, laugh, smile, and lean on one another for support.

DCC can provide a service for your establishment that is warm and welcoming for all who enter through your door. Keep in mind, you want to spread kindness and not germs. DCC will use a multitude of strategies, techniques, and services to provide legendary services to your establishment so all you have to worry about is your services and events. DCC will apply those services to get to high-touch surfaces with a precise attention to detail to get rid of germs. DCC supplies floor cleanings, window cleanings, walls and baseboard cleanings, vacuuming, sweeping, dustings, and so many other services to ensure that your building is in tip-top shape for your next service or event.

Create a space that will become the shining beacon of your community. In your establishment, DCC ensures to provide a welcoming and shining space for patrons to come and be a part of a community where they are excited to join events and services due to the cleanliness of your facility, the community created by whoever comes, and what events or activities conducted. DCC will service your facility with respect and integrity to create a safe haven of celebration, refuge, and gathering.

DCC staff cleaning gym floor

Fitness Centers

With your business, the main priority is your clients. You want your clients to be successful, feel comfortable, and feel welcomed no matter what their journey is. A fitness center can be a place or recreation, work, fun, and enjoyment. Your establishment values health and that begins with the cleanliness of your facility.

DCC is experienced with cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting fitness centers so they can be a place of enjoyment and hard work. Your clients will notice a difference in how well your establishment is cleaned with DCC through our hardworking employees with even hard-working techniques, solutions, strategies, and services to provide the most legendary clean you have received. When your clients enter our facility, they want to get their work out done in an efficient matter where they don’t have to worry about how clean your establishment it. DCC will get your center sparkling with our specialized and accommodation service plans to fit your needs as well as the unique needs of your facility. We specialize in making our plans fit your needs and making sure that what we do for your business is effective.

Think about what a spectacular clean can do for your company where you can worry less about how clean your building is and more about what you can do for your clients to get them into the best shape, they want to be in. With a fitness center, there can be a plethora of germs and bacteria that grow on floors, walls, equipment, and other surfaces that DCC specializes in to get the best clean for your business. We are prepared to reach those high-touch surfaces as well as hard-to-reach surfaces. Imagine what a cleaning service like DCC can do for your business, your profits, and how the morale of both your employees and clients can raise exponentially through a clean and sanitized environment that DCC is prepared to provide.

Car dealership showroom floor

Car Dealerships

Your car dealership should shine and sparkle just like the cars in your lot. To sell a car, you want to express the best features of the car and highlight all of the pros to the vehicle. The same should be with your building. Your building should shine before all other competitors and create an enviable reputation. When you sell a car, you also sell your dealership. Meaning, that you want to show your best self and market to bring in more clients. IF clients set foot in a dealership that is unkempt ad dirty, they might think twice about the vehicle you were about to sell them. However, when your business is sparkling and shining, you set a positive precedent that you are responsible, trust-worthy, and ready to do business with your clients.

DCC provides legendary services that will exceed your expectations for how well your business can do to advertise your services. DCC is prepared to use our specialized techniques and cleaning strategies that will suit your needs. Our customizable plans are flexible to accommodate to your needs and your building’s unique needs. DCC will get into those hard-to- reach surfaces and high touch surfaces to sanitize your establishment to limit germs and bacteria.

Like selling a car, you want to sell your business to whoever comes through your door. Create a positive work environment for employees by creating a clean and sanitized environment where employees look forward to coming to work. Morale of your employees with increase as they will work more efficiently and more excitedly due to their clean work space. Consider your business an investment just like a car and reach out to DCC to get a quote! Create a positive work environment that will stun your clients, making them even more excited to purchase a vehicle from your establishment and refer you to others.

DCC staff cleaning daycare facility

Daycares, Schools & K-12 Facilities

Places where learning take place are such special spaces. Children and adults alike come in everyday to work, play, explore, and communicate with peers. This learning happens in a space that is clean, sanitized, and organized to make the day go by smoothly and efficiently. With these activities such as painting, gluing, cutting, and so much more, messes can definitely happen. To ensure a clean environment that will help nurture a child’s learning and developing mind, use a service like DCC that ensures a space where children are free to explore and learn in sanitized and clean space.

When you have a clean space, children can learn and develop as well as play and enjoy participating in learning activities. A clean workspace for children will encourage them to keep their spaces clean and organized and set an example or expectation of how they are also responsible for their classroom environment.

These spaces are so unique because there is always an influx of germs and bacteria that must be eliminated to ensure the safety and health of your little learners. DCC use a wide variety of cleaning solutions, methods, and strategies to tackle germs and bacteria. When those harmful germs and bacteria are eliminated, Attendance rates will rise both for teachers and children in the building. With less absences, children can learn and focus on their education rather than being sick or missing out on playing with friends or learning through exciting activities. DCC is experienced in creating plans that will accommodate to your needs as well as your unique facility’s needs. We are flexible just as your profession is when you need to accommodate to student needs and learning abilities! W understand that cleanliness is at an utmost importance in your facility to ensure the health and safety of all who enter your building. Allow DCC to work alongside you to make a plan for your facility and ensure that you get the services you require.

DCC staff cleaning a dentist exam room

Medical, Dental & Healthcare

When customers walk into your facility, you want them to feel comforted, safe, and provided with the best service you can provide. This begins with your establishment being in tip-top shape that provides the environment for success and efficiency. In your facilities, health is a priority, DCC takes your health, your clients health, and the health of your employees at utmost importance. It is imperative to have a clean and sanitized workplace where your employees can conduct business and provide health services to your clients.

In health facilities such as doctor’s offices, clinics, dental practices, and more, health is so important because oftentimes, your clients are those who seek help in such department. Your occupation provides support, remedies, and healing to those in need so by creating a clean environment for those clients, you will be more likely to have a business where clients will return and likely recommend you to others. Your facilities offer health services to your clients and with that, your business has unique needs to sanitize and protect all who enter the building from harmful germs and viruses to better the health of employees and patrons alike.

DCC provides a service to eliminate those germs and viruses with the use of medical grade cleaning materials to better the health of your community. We use multiple different strategies and methods to ensure your building is not only clean, but also sanitized where we pay special attention to high-touch surfaces and any other area affected by bacteria and pathogens that are harmful. DCC is experienced in providing legendary services to facilities to eliminate cross-contamination to protect employees and patients as well as providing service to meet your needs. DCC understands the importance of creating a healthy and comfortable community for patients and employees alike as in this profession, you are more likely to be exposed to bacteria and germs that can affect health and morale. By providing your employees with a sanitized and clean environment, the health of your employees will increase and create a more efficient and joyful place to help others.

Interior windows in commercial building

Additional Services & Products

DCC can provide additional services to your facility based on your facility needs. You can add additional services throughout or flexible network of plans. Adding these additional services will be of additional cost but will make our business more efficient, enjoyable, and comfortable for yourself, patrons, and employees.

Linen services

DCC can provide linen services for your business where we will clean and return any linens that need to be sanitized. Here at DCC we have our own linen and microfiber system for cleaning, so we know how important having clean materials is to any business!

Paper products

DCC can provide paper products to your facility. We will provide toilet paper, paper towels, and napkins to your facility upon request.

Specialty Cleaning

DCC provides specialty cleaning when requested.

  • Window Cleaning: With DCC, we offer specialized window cleaning that will have your windows sparkling! We use different materials, methods, and strategies to get your facility shining the way it should be!
  • Stripping & Waxing: DCC offers stripping and waxing to facilities upon request. We will provide your business with a shining floor to match a shining reputation for all who enter your establishment!
  • Carpet Cleaning: DCC offer carpet cleaning upon request where we will use safe materials to deep clean your floors and erase any stains that are difficult to eliminate through hand washing.
  • Electrostatic Spraying: Electrostatic spraying can be used to eliminate pathogens of viruses, germs, and, bacteria that can cause illness. This method is used to promote health and the efficiency of sanitizing an environment. DCC also offers touch point disinfectant, DCC will go thru your entire facility with our Hospital Grade EPA registered disinfectants and wipe down door handles, light switches, railings, and any other high touch surfaces. DCC follows all proper dwell times per manufacturer instructions.

Cleaning vs. Disinfecting

What is the difference between cleaning and disinfecting services? Cleaning refers to the removal of germs, dirt, and impurities from surfaces. It does not kill germs, but by removing them, it lowers their numbers and the risk of spreading infection. Disinfecting refers to using chemicals, for example, EPA-registered disinfectants, to kill germs on surfaces. This process does not necessarily clean dirty surfaces or remove germs but by killing germs on a surface after cleaning, it can further lower the risk of spreading infection.

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"DCC is the absolute best cleaning company. Everything at work(food service) is SPOTLESS when we come in after cleaning days. I recommend them to anyone looking looking for a commercial cleaning, and now they offer private/house cleaning!"

Nicole Moran

"Dave's Cleaning is awesome! They do a great job. I have a dog grooming shop that gets very dirty very fast... it always sparkles when I come in the next day after a cleaning! They are very flexible with timing to come in when we are not open so they can do a thorough job. Thanks!"

Amanda Tyler

"The best cleaning service I have ever had in over ten years as a business owner. Communication is great! The work is fantastic! And they take pride in their work and show it all over their social. I wouldn’t trust anyone else to clean my practice- especially in a covid/post-covid world!"

Ashley Izadi